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Feeling stuck at the top?

Even C-suite leaders & top performers hit barriers. Break through them and amplify your impact.


“Devon is hands down the best peak performance coach I know.”

– Pamela Gold, Founder, PRTL (NYC’s Premier Biohacking Fitness Studio)

Resolve your issues

operate at your most exquisite

Create Your Legacy

If you’ve achieved significant success… 

If you’re striving to live your passion…

If you’re in service of something bigger than yourself…  

If you’re at the top of your game & interested in the next level of whole-life wellbeing and performance…

About me

I’m obsessed with how humans work

In 1996, I created my college major: The Pragmatic Navigation of Consciousness

At the same time, I studied with the world leaders in hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and behavioral transformation. And always, I pushed the boundaries of my consciousness.

I was searching for that unblemishable perfection that resides in the depths of each of us: how to access it, stabilize it, and bring it out in others. That quest continues to this day. 

On the journey, I’ve developed the architecture for the Human Operating System, delivered the only Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner’s Certification available online, been written about in a book on the emergence of “Spirit Tech”, delved into biohacking and principles based martial arts, developed behavioral software, co-founded, FIELD, a neurotech company as well as the Global Brain Data Foundation.

While FIELD is readying to launch, I still see clients, because I love getting incredible people incredible results. Here’s how the people I work with generally describe it:

Devon’s approach to cracking the code on high performance behavior is magical. Pairing your goals and ambitions with Devon’s enlightened strategies to internal motivation, behavioral modification, communication, and leadership opens a world of opportunity.

– Corydon Wagner, Cannes Award Winning Director

Externally I had all the trappings of success. Educated at Stanford. Masters at Oxford. Successful career on Wall Street. But I was miserable. It’s more than two years since I met Devon and I am happier, healthier and wealthier than I’ve ever been. Nearly every moment of my life can now be described with one simple word: yes.

– John Hankey, Founder

“Devon White is the ‘Merlin’ of our generation. He has the ability to permanently lock our total consciousness into its peak state and condition. I am now perpetually performing at my highest while always maintaining a euphoric underlying joyful state of being.”

~ John Barnes, Managing Director, First Republic Private Wealth Management


The people I work with discover, address and transcend their inner challenges, the last short hurdles that lie between themselves and the deepest levels of fulfillment and success – measured both in internal satisfaction and external results. 

  • Amplify your strengths
  • Update your weaknesses
  • “Install” useful behaviors
  • Lifestyle integration & enhancement
  • Up-level any chosen areas of your life
  • Address and resolve “impossible” issue
  • Usher in a life expressive of the deepest, best version of you


My business coaching revolves around one central theme: deep unity. A unity that extends both from each individual out into the organization, and radiates from the leadership into the company’s mission, actions, and results. This approach generates teams whose drive for results is both charged personal and super by its alignment with the greater organization.

Programs are modular and scalable and range from self leadership to top- flight execution. Once each individual is tapped into their own personal best, we enhance that position through situational skill building and relational design, extending their power into communication, creativity, influence, charisma, storytelling, awareness, superior learning, and leadership.

Every contract and interaction is tailored for the specific leader, individual, team or division within the company, as well as their unique mission, needs and goals.

All programs are results driven, as measured by both valuable personal improvement as well as specific, measurable business goals.

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