Shaping the future of conscious leadership

as a conscious leader your attention shapes not just your reality, but also the reality of those you lead

What I offer companies

An unparalleled approach to enhancing the most valuable asset you and your team have: your attention 

True leadership is rooted in the ability to maintain high quality attention and presence, enabling you to make impactful decisions and inspire your team. 

What I offer individuals

unlock your potential through behavioral engineering

Unlike traditional approaches that chase after the elusive Flow State or encourage productivity, I guide you to access a state of profound coherence, a state deeper than flow, anchoring you in a position of complete possibility and personal power. 

There is no hack to wholeness

Don’t Get Distracted by promises of peak performance through



Flow State


behavioral engineering is a whole-system approach beginning with proven practices designed to cultivate your quality of attention in each moment and throughout your life.

then, we add in the rest.

the pillars of behavioral engineering

self programming

Know how to operate yourself. 

It’s critical to know how to tap into the felt experience of being “at your best” so you can do it on purpose, on demand, and eventually all the time. This simple and effective approach to self operation has been left out of our society. It’s time to change that and usher in the kind of presence and intelligence you were designed for, so you can:

  • Improve your in-time attention
  • Learn, unlearn, relearn
  • Identity and achieve goals
  • Update beliefs at will
  • Install habits
  • Run yourself well


Master your in the moment attention. Keep the whole system of you in good working order.

The human mind is among the most sophisticated and awesome things in the universe. Millennia of rigorous stress testing by evolution has led to you. You are designed for success. But the only way to realize that success fully is to take care of every aspect of your Human Operating System from the hardware of your physical body to the various softwares of your intelligence that allow you to interact with and master reality.

Life Design

Your life and behaviors are the external signals of who you are.

 Your life is best when designed to be expressive and supportive of who you are at your best and the best version of who you are becoming. From your habits to your activities, relationships, loves, hobbies, the spaces you inhabit and the legacy you’re living into – everything matters.

Life design gives you the practical external measures and markers to know you’re on track in mastering your reality and the impact you’re making on the world. 


Devon White

Futurist | behavioral engineer | Speaker


Here’s what matters:  humans are designed to succeed. We’re designed to be happy, healthy and high performing. But most people are anxious, depressed, or wearing masks someone else fashioned for them. Generally, the reason for this is that we weren’t taught how to use ourselves well. We are – to use a techie metaphor – badly wired robots: the walking wounded.

I’m on a mission to change that, to scale wellbeing and good self operation for all of us. 

As seen in 

What people think 

“Devon White is the ‘Merlin’ of our generation. He has the ability to permanently lock our total consciousness into its peak state and condition. I am now perpetually performing at my highest while always maintaining a euphoric underlying joyful state of being.”
~ John Barnes, Managing Director, First Republic Private Wealth Management

“Devon is hands down the best peak performance coach I know.”

~ Pamela Gold, Founder, PRTL (NYC’s Premier Biohacking Fitness Studio

“Devon is responsible for helping me get the job of my dreams and exactly the life I want…Taking me from sales professional to CEO of a multimillion dollar company in four years. You don’t need to know his methodology. He might as well be casting spells because he’s a motherfucking wizard.”
~ Charles Cantu, CEO
Devon’s approach to cracking the code on high performance behavior is magical. Pairing your goals and ambitions with Devon’s enlightened strategies to internal motivation, behavioral modification, communication, and leadership opens a world of opportunity.
– Corydon Wagner, Cannes Award Winning Director

What’s incredible about Devon’s teachings are that they’re not things you have to effort your way through applying. They become integrated into who you are in the world, which is the sign of an incredible teacher. He is an expert in change management of psyches, systems and humans, and he’s passionate and lit up about what he does. His enthusiasm for his work is contagious and it will sustain you well beyond working with him.

~ Lauren Borden, PCC, MA, PhD

I work with people intent on positively impacting the world.

If you’re a high-impact individual seeking a successful future for all of us…



BEcome a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner

Behavioral Software:


  • Delete stress
  • Improve your performance in all domains
  • Enhance your ability to  accomplish all your most meaningful goals
  • Feel better 
  • Learn the natural organization of your body when you’re “at your best”

BEcome a certified Integrative Coach

I created the communication section of this Integrative Coaching program for the School of Positive Transformation



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