improve the health, happiness & performance of everyone on your team, so your team can improve the world

research backed: 

Addressing mental health can yield a 4:1 ROI in improved health and productivity

Job satisfaction is significantly associated with customer satisfaction, employee productivity, and profitability.

companies with higher levels of employee wellbeing have higher valuations, stock market returns, greater sales growth.

Sleep deprivation costs U.S. companies over $63 billion in lost productivity annually.

exceptional leaders

perform at their best

Learn the practices and mindsets to be at your best consistently and bring out the best in others in work and life.

inspire their teams

Set team members up for success in all domains of life so you get the absolute best out of everyone when they’re at work.

“Devon is the guy you want! (He is the CEO of a neurotech company and) has cutting edge knowledge of what’s possible in human performance and how to get there – now.  100% authentic with a compelling message and manner that everyone connects to and appreciates.  He will leave you feeling inspired, informed and ready to get after it.”
~ Andrew Vickery, Founder, CEO, VC investor and Peer Champion working in both the private and public health domains

Devon White is a speaker and educator par excellence.  Our audiences appreciate him and his carefully researched information.  Devon is a joy with whom to work.  It seems we need him often to offer clarity and rigor to the conversation.  Very engaging and learner friendly!  We will keep him for future conferences and symposia!
~ Mary H Tabacchi, Professor Emerita, Cornell University – served the University for 42 years. Member of ISPA, NYSPA, GWS, Wellness Educator

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Example keynote topics

There are two futures ahead of us.

In one of them human thriving is the central consideration of all AI-driven tech. In the other, we reap catastrophic results.

I help people create the first.

AI & Behavioral engineering

As AI advances in power, scope, and application, among the most critical disciplines will be that of optimizing the mediated interaction between the human nervous system and the various developing systems of AI-driven tech.  

Among the looming issues: how do we avoid an AI-sized version of what social media did to teen mental health?

In this talk, Devon speaks from a background of 25 years as a behavioral engineer, and as a co-founder of an AI-driven neurotech company, to share the practical human operating system insights necessary for engineers to ensure a thriving tomorrow for humanity.

Conscious Leadership

Conscious leaders are the ones we love to work for and with. They enroll everyone in the mission and then lead from behind. This talk is about how to lead consciously. Better yet, Devon will demonstrate how to reliably bring out the best in people during the talk.  

By the numbers…

Mission-driven companies outperform competitors (3x faster growth and 147% greater earnings per share), have higher levels of innovation and lower levels of attrition among employees, 90% more trust and loyalty from customers, and greater perception among investors. Also, they’re just obviously more awesome and fun places to work. 

During this talk, you’ll learn the key performance metrics and experiential knowledge at the core of generating tremendous profit by putting attention on a culture that’s optimized to bring out the best in every employee and amplify mission-driven performance.


embracing the future of wellness  

Anxiety is at an all time high and climbing. Mental health is out of the closet lacking direction. And the rise of longevity ranges from the ultra scientific to people working on basics like counting steps sleeping enough.

In this talk, Devon shares the lynchpin that will bring mental and physical fitness together, sheds light on how wellness, longevity and technology will roll out during the next 5-10 years, and gives practical next steps on how to improve your wellness and in turn the key performance measures of each employees health and your company as a whole.    



All programs are custom to your needs and audience, because that’s how to make them amazing, fun and impactful.

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