Self Help is Bullsh*t

(Here’s a Needed Update For Your Mind)

Remember in The Matrix when Neo downloads kung fu? That idea drives REBOOT.


Sit. Download. Reboot. Enjoy.
It updates YOU like your phone updates its operating system.

All You Need

  • Headphones
  • ​69 Minutes
  • The Will to Improve Your Life

Experience Behavioral Software.
Re-Install Your Best Self

Psychology is outdated. Change doesn’t have to be slow or hard. You just need to “delete the viruses”. Update your operating position and unleash your best lift. 

Transform Your Life Now

  • Optimize every aspect of your mind
  • Delete stress
  • Improve your performance in all domains
  • Enhance your ability to know and accomplish all your most meaningful goals
  • Feel better

Do it all by learning the natural organization of your body when you’re “at your best”.

REBOOT is not going to make your life perfect.

It will boil down over 20,000 hours of experience into 69 minutes that will reboot your understanding and experience of your life and how you function.

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How Does This Magic Work?


Leveraging the relationship between s0unds and the psychological responses they evoke in the your mind.



Biological sounds to elicit responses from your body and mind with special attention to how your biology is designed.



Deep use of language designed to create positive change that updates your entire system and stays with you forever. 

3D Sound Environments

Each track has its own 3D room designed specifically to create experiences “installing” updates to make learning easy.


The study of animal behavior and how rapid learning occurs to create long lasting behavioral change.


OPerating position

Your mind, state and experience of life depend on your Operating Position. REBOOT will help you master yours.

What Others Are Saying About REBOOT

But Don’t Take Their Word For It

(Or Mine)…Try it out for yourself

I’m Not Trying To Sell You Anything. This is Free.

To create a successful future we need to start with ourselves.


  • Mental Health issues are at an all-time high​
  • Anxiety and Depression are skyrocketing
  • Social Media is hurting us as much as it’s helping us
  • Old School Psychology is out of date and not capable of seeing us through the coming decade

All this at the worst time for it to happen, because… 

We’re At A Critical Juncture

  • ​AI / Technology is accelerating at an insane pace


  • Culture Wars are dividing us

  • 7 out of 8 of the world’s measures for health are blinking red

REBOOT your way of understanding yourself by getting back to who before the world f*ucked you up.

…back to the perfect you that was there before all the bad programming.
Rebuild in a way that makes you stronger in every way that matters.

Let’s create the best future possible… together.

I’ve helped thousands of people update and transform their lives.

From the clinically depressed and “untreatable” to the most high performing humans in business, art, movies, and national defense. I’ve helped people create millions of dollars in value in fields they were passionate about. And most importantly, I’ve helped all of them tap into the essence of themselves and create lives they love deeply.

Today I run a neurotech company launching publicly in 2024. It’s aimed at helping each of us become the best version of ourselves from the inside out by giving you inexpensive, easy to use access to the dials of your own brain.

While we wait, I’m re-releasing REBOOT. Because people need support NOW.

13 years ago REBOOT (released then as Installing Inner Game) helped tens of thousands of people change their lives for the better – give it a chance to change yours.

p.s. I didn’t create this on my own. As you’ll see credited in the Artist line of each track, much of what’s brought to life here springs directly from the genius of MacaKai.

p.p.s. This is not entirely free. You are exchanging your email address for the tracks. However, it was originally $199! I’m asking for your email address in order to build community. The only way we’re going to create a successful future for us all is together. Also, you can always unsubscribe, so it’s a pretty low-risk commitment. 😉