Prepare to Be Transformed

Devon White specializes in all conversations about the future of our planet and humanity. With a background heavily steeped in communication, decision making, identity, and behavioral change he is available for custom speaking engagements on myriad topics; below are some of his favorite speeches and subjects.

Design Your Mindset.
Design Your Life.

Left out of nearly every discussion on mindset is the fact that true mindset is a visceral and embodied experience. During this presentation Devon will lead you into a deeply hypnotic space where you will cross the threshold into the raw, unfiltered adventure of your life. You will feel yourself alive with purpose and passion and learn the practical strategies through which that purpose will redefine you and every aspect of your life. 

It's your idea. Own it.

From solo entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 titans, the best businesses are built from and around a single idea. The ability to precisely identify, communicate, and enforce/excite around this idea and throughout an organization is the deciding factor between mediocre and extraordinary results. Join Devon as he inspires audiences to discover and/or turn their singular mission into a powerful, scalable program designed to bring their company’s vision and leadership to full fruition, turning it into a true force in its industry.

Hive Mind
The Truth Your Brand Can't Afford to Ignore

Join Devon White as he explains the essence of hive mind marketing and addresses the crucial question you must be asking yourself if you want to stay competitive in the emerging marketplace: What is your company's place in the hive? Once you've identified your place, delivering your message effectively to your clients will require both a more tailored and more complex experience than ever before. Devon will guide you in navigating this new and highly sophisticated marketplace by integrating your company's quest into its perfect place in the global story of tomorrow.

There is something about Devon that draws the very best out of people… In his presence, you are always everything you ever dreamed you could be, and his skill as a speaker is that he trains your being into holding that space. Through the use of simple yet profound skills, you find yourself realizing the fantasy of yourself at your best. – Alexandria Smith, Conference attendee              

“Phenomenally stimulating. Makes me feel all brewey inside.” – Tyrone Miles, Conference organizer

Masterclass Storytelling
Weave words that spellbind

This talk is specially designed for those with a profound interest in developing their storytelling ability, be it for personal use, marketing, sales, copywriting, conversational hypnosis, or lifestyle design. During Masterclass Storytelling, world class storyteller and conversational hypnotist Devon White will open your mind and your abilities to go way beyond a fear of public speaking and enter the domain of master storytellers. Here, in the fertile depths of yourself, you will feel the raw power of your own voice as you prepare to weave words that captivate spellbound audiences. This presentation covers the skills of storytelling all the way from the 10,000 foot view down to the specific skills and steps necessary to capture attention and move people to action.

Identity Level Influence

Influence and persuasion get a bad rap. And for good reason. They are associated with selling people on things they don’t really need or want, but can be made to buy anyway through skilled communication.

But if it wasn’t that way? What if instead persuasion was something that always began by leading a person from the place where they are at their best, making high-quality decisions that serve them, you, and the world as a whole?

In fact, this is the communication of the future. And it provides the greatest influence, while helping our culture take a necessary step forward in its own evolution. What?! Salespeople helping transform the world for the better!? While making money!? Yes – that’s exactly what this talk will deliver. Attendees will learn how to operate deep level communication while becoming more deeply aligned with themselves, their company, their personal and business missions, and the success of everyone involved in the transaction.

*All programs are deliverable as seminars, workshops, key notes or any other format necessary for your event.