Kickstart your Personal Revolution, dial in profound self mastery, and experience the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

The most powerful thing I offer is one-on-one time with clients designed to transform and catalyze their lives.


In this private session you will discover and transcend your inner challenges, the last short hurdles that lie between yourself and the deepest levels of fulfillment and success  — measured both in internal satisfaction and external results.


Devon’s approach to cracking the code on high performance behavior is magical. Pairing your goals and ambitions with Devon’s enlightened strategies to internal motivation, behavioral modification, communication, and leadership opens a world of opportunity.




I’ve worked with hundreds of people in nearly all areas of life addressing just about any problem you can imagine.

Recently, I’ve been the primary consultant for a business that grew to gross 8 figures in three years, helped a woman eradicate lifelong anxiety, and stabilized the experience of profound purpose and passion in the lives of many.

While most full-time clients pay 6 figures for a year-long mentoring relationship, and weekend sessions fall in the 5-figure range, in order to help kickstart our revolution and yours, I am reducing prices on a handful of one-on-one sessions.

The number of spaces is limited to 10 per month and they tend to go fast, so if you’d like to get one-on-one time, sign up now through the following link. Sessions are approximately an hour long.