I work with exceptional humans intent on living extraordinary lives. Not to be confused with life and lifestyle coaches, I have spent over 20 years studying and mastering behavioral technologies to create high impact, permanent transformation for my clients. Our work together will result in a singular, integrated way of being in which all aspects of your life support, enhance and reinforce each other, propelling you into an existence of power, passion, and purpose.
I specialize in working with those rare individuals interested in creating deep, long-lasting success for themselves and the rest of the world. My personal work comes in three forms, seen below.


So you’ve arrived. You’ve set and exceeded your goals in nearly every category of life. You’re fit, healthy, happy, you have a substantial net worth.  And yet at your core, whether it’s because you yearn to achieve another level of success or you sense the possibility of deeper satisfaction, you suspect that there’s more. There is.
“Devon White is the “Merlin” of our generation. His unique understanding of how our human operating system functions and skill set allows him to have a profound impact on those he works with. Devon has the ability to permanently lock our total consciousness into its peak state and condition. This transformation, allows Us to operate at our highest form and purest level of awareness at ALL times.  Thus, always maintaining our peak functioning state (our Default State). Although I was already highly functioning, successful and generally happy, I had some deficiencies in my mental and emotional operating system preventing me from fully recognizing my full potential and highest form of me.  Devon’s combined impact on my mental, emotional and physical function helped me realign so I am now perpetually in my highest performance, most blissful, best functioning state…always. This has allowed to me to live and manifest anything I desire and live the life I had always imagined, while at the same time maintaining a euphoric underlying joyful state of being.  Devon helped me become my unique version of ‘Superman.’  I am forever grateful as are those whose lives I am now able to impact.” – John Barnes, SVP Wealth Management, UBS


Collaborating with my talented wife Julie White, Storyteller combines the best in my private coaching relationships with her high-end interior design services, to elicit and stabilize the absolute best from you and your family. We then design all the major areas of your home and life to express and support this exquisite version of you. Find out more here.