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Life school: An open OFFER to Gen Z

Today’s educational system is dumbing you down and hurting your future.

Are you a college student struggling with anxiety, depression, or feeling out of place – even if you’re “doing well” by traditional standards? Or maybe you know, “there’s gotta be more!”  Either way, this will help you.

Currently, education leaves out the most important thing we all need: solving your actual issues, and knowing who you truly are while gaining strategies for winning in life.

Unlocking what you want is as simple as knowing how.

And when you do, you become happier, smarter, less anxious, less stressed out, more confident and better with every passing day. Start creating a future that kicks ass, rather than the unhappy lives most people end up living.


(I promise it won’t suck.)

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Weekly live streaming Q&A’s to support you with getting the life you want and winning in all the ways that matter
  • Tested approaches to know your best next step
  • Knowing how to make career choices that will light you up (rather than dim your shine)
  • Tactics on how to communicate like a boss, so others want to listen
  • The key to your unlock your full potential in all domains of your life 
  • Tools to design your future so it’s amazing
  • Strategies for success that have helped my happiest, healthiest, wealthiest clients
  • Live demos solving your biggest problems 
  • Consistent reinforcement of the strangely simple secret that isn’t being taught in schools that will change your life

These are all the natural result of what happens when you use yourself well. But most people don’t, which is why…

7 out of 10 people surveyed by the American Psychological Association said that in the past two weeks they had felt:


  • restless
  • lonely
  • miserable or unhappy
  • unable to think properly or concentrate
  • so tired they sat around and did nothing

Don’t let this become you!! And if it is already, learn how to change it!

Evolution designed you for success and if you develop your Human Intelligence completely you will naturally experience:


  • a deep sense of wellbeing
  • heightened abilities in nearly every domain
  • better decision making and habits that naturally bring about the life you want
  • the mindset and outlook that make you excel
  • a life of following your bliss
If you aren’t experiencing these things the good news is – that’s easy to fix!


Your brain is plastic, flexible, and ready to learn so you can update it and upgrade your experience as soon as you’re ready. All you need is to know how. That’s exactly what you’ll get in Life School.


Don’t buy into the harmful myths of the dominant psychological paradigm.

Change does not have to be hard or painful. 

I know this because I’ve spent most of my life developing a reliable approach to helping people create lives that they love. Here’s what I know for sure:


  1. It’s 100% possible for you to access the “best version” of you

  2. Once you know how to do it, you can build a whole life around it



I’m a lifelong coach of high-level executives, elite performers, artists, and game changers. I’m the Co-Founder and CEO of FIELD, a neurotech company bringing brain-driven wellness (and total personal optimization) to the world.

Outside of FIELD, I am a co-founder of the Global Brain Data Foundation, a speaker, storyteller, futurist, master hypnotist, developer of the Human Operating System, NLP trainer, an avid martial artist, & the communication specialist for the School of Positive Transformation on multiple programs.

I’ve worked with teenagers throughout my life and I have three teenagers I’m privileged to call my own (and an amazing wife)!






“Devon is hands down the best peak performance coach I know.”
~ Pamela Gold, Founder, PRTL (NYC’s Premier Biohacking Fitness Studio)

Externally I had all the trappings of success. Educated at Stanford. Masters at Oxford. Successful career on Wall Street. But I was miserable. It’s more than two years since I met Devon and I am happier, healthier and wealthier than I’ve ever been.
~ John Hankey, Founder

There is something about Devon that draws the very best out of people… In his presence, you are always everything you ever dreamed you could be. 
~ Alexandra Smith, Conference Participant