Learn the proven step-by-step method to taking back your life so you can be free of anxiety once and for all.

For less than the price of a single therapy session

This program will give you the simple, step-by-step blueprint to get you from where you are to a life free of anxiety.

You will learn:

  • How anxiety works, so it no longer has the ability to control you

  • The simple technique to make you calm, confident, relaxed, and at home in your body

  • How to put your new state of wellbeing at the center of your life and create a life you love

If you’re tired of feeling like a prisoner of your own mind, always fearful of the next time anxiety or panic will strike…AND you’re ready to have your life back. This program teaches you how.

The Terrible Truth

  • over 40 million americans have anxiety

  • That’s 19.1% of America

  • Anxiety is the most common mental health condition affecting teenagers

  • Nearly 1/3 of adults reported symptoms of anxiety & Depression in 2023

  • Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the world

  • depression and anxiety are on the rise

Anxiety can affect us all

How did it get like this?

Anxiety is basically the stress response gone haywire. Stress is natural and healthy.

All animals have it. It’s what saves the zebra from the lion during its epic getaway run.

But it’s meant for short bursts, and when stress gets caught in an endless loop, it becomes anxiety.

When your job, school, relationships, social media, finances, life! generate endless stress, you start running it for yourself anytime and then all the time – bam! Welcome to Anxiety.

And when you get really good at it: PANIC ATTACKS! Anxiety’s super-sized cousin.

What was a healthy biological response has turned into a savage, always on, internal attack that strikes at will, degrades your health and diminishes your experience of life. 

It's not your fault

Human success is designed around a unique strength: our big brains and ability to learn.

But our strength has a weakness. Our adaptable brain assumes all information it gets is good and accurate. 

That’s great when we’re getting good input. But when we get bad input – especially during the first 25 years of developmentally sensitive life  – it warps our map of reality and can lead to terrible outcomes. 

Anxiety is one of the most common of those terrible outcomes.

A good brain fed bad information can get really anxious

and theres a lot of bad information out there

  • Social media tells you: you’re not pretty, fit, rich, funny, awesome enough
  • Outdated Psychology points you to the root of the problem rather than the root of the solution
  • Our outdated Educational System is teaching you what to learn instead of how to learn
  • Big Pharma endlessly pushes drugs as the solution to everything

It doesn't have to be this way

your brain seeks balance

it prefers good information to bad,

feeling calm and healthy to feeling anxious.

You just have to show it how.

The only way to get rid of anxiety in a way that lasts is to retrain your nervous system

the anti-anxiety blueprint teaches you

Let's Beat anxiety once and for all.

Anxiety is awful. Panic is awful. Millions and millions of people experiencing these things on a regular basis is awful. But what may be even more awful is that it’s fairly straight forward to “cure” and nobody is teaching you how. 

In most cases, anxiety is just a kind of behavioral virus that got installed and because people don’t know how their minds work they can’t “fix” it. 

I’m on a mission to change that. I’ve helped so many people end their anxiety simply by showing them a better way. No drugs. Nothing outlandish. Just the facts about how their systems work and the straight forward ways to change their lives from the inside out.

I’ve helped people who’ve used ketamine-assisted therapy, psychedelic journeying, neurofeedback, meditation, yoga, transcranial magnetic stimulation and more – and all those things work great! But the the thing that works the best is much simpler. That’s what I want to share with you.

I’ve made it extremely inexpensive – a small fraction of what most psychologists and psychiatrists charge for a single session – but enough so that you have some skin in the game. 

And, I’ve added a money-back guarantee, so if you’re the exception to the rule and this doesn’t completely change the experience of your everyday life, you’ve lost nothing.   

What's in the anti-anxiety blueprint?

  • 120 Minutes of video content
  • Explanatory PDFs
  • Audios to support your journey
  • Demonstrations
  • Diagrams
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Practices to calm you before anxiety starts
  • The 3 mindsets to ensure your success
  • The 3 things to measure to make sure you improve every day
  • A detailed understanding of how anxiety works so you don’t have to be afraid anymore
  • The 6 Habits of Calm Confidence
  • The straightforward way to discover what triggers your anxiety and stop it in its tracks

stop losing your life to anxiety. Take the first step on the path to changing your life for good.

The Anti-Anxiety Blueprint






The anti-Anxiety blueprint


(4)  60-minute live training sessions including demos and Q&A



 Everything from the other programs + 6 live personal training sessions with devon




the Anti-anxiety blueprint is Perfect for People suffering from anxiety and parents of kids with anxiety

Whether you want to short circuit your own anxiety or support someone you love in getting rid of theirs, the Anti-Anxiety Blueprint is a straight-forward, reliable path to understanding how people work, and putting that understanding into immediate and meaningful action.

For people with anxiety

Fast-Track Success
Proven strategies to put an end to your anxiety and give you back control of your mind, body and life.

Instant Solutions
Actionable strategies to feel the difference now in your day-to-day considerations as your mind is freed up to think about what you want rather than what you’re afraid might happen.

New Perspective on Life
Like one of those reality TV transformations, imagine and then create an entirely new and more satisfying life for yourself where anxiety is not longer a constant threat and you can live your best life now.

for parents of children with anxiety

Learn from Zero
Master the basics of how anxiety works so you’ll be better able to support your kids, no prior experience necessary.

Follow the Blueprint
Step-by-step, simple, actionable strategies to support your children in their journey out of anxiety and into being the happier, healthier version of themselves you know is their birthright.

Quick Start
No need for any other background, start supporting your kids today.


About Devon

Everyone was born with the capacity to be happy, healthy and have a life they love. And yet, most people are not having that experience. I’ve made it my life’s mission to see if I can change that.

The main reason most people aren’t having that kind of experience (once they’ve got their basic needs met) is that they just don’t know how they work.

Most of my time is spent in the places where I think I can have high impact to scale mental fitness:

* Running Field, the neuro-tech company I co-founded to put our brains and mental wellbeing at the center of our lives.

* Working with conscious leaders invested in impacting the world for the better. People who, when they make a change, can affect millions.

But after helping a lot of people get rid of their anxiety I couldn’t resist putting out something to help the legions who suffer needlessly from something very straightforward to overcome. I hope it benefits you or someone you love.